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Lamtec Employment Application

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Applying to Lamtec:

When applying for a position at Lamtec, we request that you provide us with both personal and professional information with which to gauge your work experience and applicable skillset. A typical Lamtec job application contains the following categories and related fields:

Personal Information:
Basic information such as name, contact information, and employment eligibility.

Job Interest:
Information pertaining to work availability, desired pay rate, current employment, and Lamtec application history.

Basic education information covering high school, college, and other fields of study.

U.S. Military Service (optional):
At Lamtec, we are proud to employ Military Veterans. If you wish to disclose your U.S. Military service history, please provide your branch, service dates, rank, duties, and any special skills acquired while serving.

Employment History:
We request that you provide past employment information such as employer name, job title, type of business, business contact information, and compensation.

Please have 2-3 professional and/or personal references including names, contact information, and relationship information.

Additional Information:
If you have any additional information, skills, or experience to disclose, you will have the opportunity to do so at the end of the form.

Application Release & Acknowledgement:
We require that you read the entire application release disclosure, print your name, and click “I agree” to indicate that you understand the terms of the application.

Please note: If you need to review previous sections of the online application, you are free to go back to revisit the information you have entered prior to submission. Each page contains a “Previous” button accessible at the bottom of the form.